Facebook Is Updating Community Standards

Social media giant Facebook has said that its community standards will be changed soon.

With these changes, Facebook will explain how it handles content related to satire.
Facebook uses tools related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to monitor content. These tools often do not distinguish between fake news, lies, satire, and the wrong posts are deleted.

The social media company has reported a change through a blog post.

Facebook wrote, “We will include new information in our community standards to make it clear how we understand satire in our content-specific decisions.’

The company is trying to better explain to users how such content will be kept separate in case of violations related to team hate speech. It has been confirmed by The Verge that the company’s decision has been taken following recommendations from the Oversight Board.

The board spoke about Facebook’s decision on a post related to the Turkish government that Facebook was wrong about deleting the user’s comment. The social media company had deleted the user’s post terming it as ‘cruel and insensitive community standards.’ Facebook had told the board that the post has been deleted as per the ‘Hate Speech Community Standard.’

The Oversight Board stressed that Facebook says it considers sarcastic posts and comments as an exception and is not deleted. The platform often fails to distinguish between false information and satire, and sometimes funny posts are also deleted.

The social media company has admitted its mistake and said that changes in community standards will now clarify the situation. Users can appeal and demand their reviews if they want to delete any of their posts. In this way, the company will try to understand the context behind the written post so that the post related to funny or satire is not removed by mistake.

Facebook also wants to explain the difference between jokes and facts to its users. Facebook is trying to create clarity among users over posts to be shared on the platform. To do this, the company is conducting feature tests related to showing small labels with posts appearing in news feeds.

Posts from pages will be accompanied by labels such as ‘Public Official,’ ‘Fan Page,’ or ‘Satire Page.’

Social media platforms are quite popular among Facebook users. Significantly, it is now being used not only among the youth but also among people of all ages. Whether it is children or older people, they try to connect with people by creating an account on Facebook. During the pandemic, the importance of social media platforms increased even more. The good thing is that once you open Facebook on your mobile, you don’t need to enter passwords again and again. But if you are opening your account on another device and forgot the password of Facebook, the account will not be open at all. In that case, we are going to tell you how to reset Facebook password –

If you have forgotten the password of your Facebook account and can’t remember it even if you enter it again and again. So, it’s better to reset it. You must remember your registered mail ID to reset because the code will be received on the mail ID. 

How to reset Facebook password

  • Firstly, open Facebook, either on a mobile app or website.
  • Then enter your mail ID there and click on forgot account given below it.
  • You will then have to enter your registered mail ID or phone number and then get three options for password recovery.
  • These include Google Account, Send code Via Email, or Send code Via message options.
  • Select any one of the three options, and a code will be sent to you on the selected option.
  • After submitting this code, you will open a new page of your Facebook account where passwords can be reset.
  • Submit after resetting the new password, and your account will open.

By following these steps, you can again enjoy the world of social media and connect with your loved ones on Facebook.

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