How to Access Google Assistant and Shazam to Identify Songs

Google Assistant is currently the best virtual assistant that helps find direction, get answers, call some, add reminders, and set the alarm and much more. But apart from all these things, Google Assistant can also be utilized to identify songs. Plus, Google Assistant is available on every Android device by default, and many smart speakers also have Google Assistant in it.

People that love to listen to music, they’ll love to use Google Assistant to identify songs. While listening to a song on TV, radio, or someone else’s phone, you simply need to ask Google, what’s this song? And if your Google Assistant identifies that particular song, it will tell it. The feature of identifying songs through Google Assistant is pretty straightforward and cool, so if you’re interested, here’s the guide for you.

How to Access Google Assistant to Identify Songs

  • Activate Google Assistant, say, Hey Google, Identify the Song or Swipe from the lower left or right side of the display.
  • Now Google Assistant will begin to hear the song through the microphone.
  • If Google recognizes the song, it will show its name on display.
  • You can play that song in your preferred Music app and can add it to your preferred playlist.

Most of the time, Google Assistant identifies the song pretty easily and quickly, but if you don’t see the result, then move to any quiet area and identify it once again. Make sure you’re playing the song in loud volume.

Google Assistant can identify a song based on the music, lyrics, and once the results are up, it will show its Artist name, Album name, and Song name. Once you have the result, you can play it on any of your preferred music apps, including YouTube Music and Spotify.

In case Google Assistant is now helping you identify a song, you can try out a different app, named Shazam.

How to Access the Shazam App to Identify Song

Shazam is revolutionary music identifying song application. Shazam app can recognize remotely playing music pretty easily. Plus, it doesn’t just recognize the song, show artist name, and album name, but also allows the user to open music on the Spotify app. For Apple users, accessing Shazam is easier because Apple has owned it, and users don’t have to download it. Shazam can identify a song within 19 seconds and is free. So here’s how you can access the Shazam app and identify songs quickly.

  • Download and install the Shazam app from the Play Store.
  • Over the Shazam app’s prominent display, you’ll see a big Shazam button to identify songs.
  • Press the Library option on the top left side.
  • Press the Login option to keep your identified songs in the Shazam library.
  • From now, whatever song you’ll identify will remain in the library.
  • Press the Shazam button over the main page of the Shazam app.
  • Wait for a few seconds to identify the playing song.
  • You can also tap the Search icon to find a song to add to your Shazam library.

So this is how you can use the Shazam app to identify songs for your music library. Whatever song you’re hearing, you simply need to open the Shazam app and press the button to start recognizing the song.


Platforms like Google Assistant and Shazam are among the best options to identify songs. Android already has Google Assistant feature but has to install the Shazam app to identify songs, while Apple devices are already associated with Shazam.

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