How To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 1682?

Canon printers are globally known for providing the best tech experience to users for printing. People also get varieties of printer models to select for their professional as well as personal work. With being user-friendly and available in a vast range, you get to complete your printing jobs. However, despite the printer brand, the error codes are normal to occur. When you have used your printer for some time, you will discover some of the error codes, which will create interruptions while you are trying to print documents or scanning the documents. 

Facing these error codes can be infuriating, and especially when you do not know how to resolve them. If you are looking for a way to terminate error code 1682 from your printer, then this is the right place for you. Before we step into the discussion about the error code 1682, you should know a few things on how to maintain your printer on a regular basis. You can avoid an encounter with these error codes too often by providing proper care to your printer. Sometimes your printer shows error codes due to heavy usage or due to blockage in your printer. 

Keep your printer in check if it has collected dirt particles or if something needs to be fixed. If there is any broken part or damaged one, which needs to be replaced. Also, check for the ink levels or if there is any ink leakage on the counter and clogged the nozzles. And if you happen to find any fault inside your printer, you need to immediately clean and maintain it. So that you rarely face these errors in your printer. 

What are the possible causes behind the error code 1682?

The error code 1682 in Canon printer usually appears when your printer is struggling to recognize one or more cartridges in your printer. Generally, you will encounter these error codes the error message saying “The Fine Cartridge cannot be recognized” or the message can be “The ink cartridge cannot be recognized. The printer we all utilize for printing jobs carries gold contacts that are located at the front of the cartridge. It helps to communicate easily with the cartridges, and collect information, for instance, estimated ink levels in the cartridges. 

In case these gold contacts of printer have been affected by ink, dirt, or got damaged somehow while handling the printer. Your printer will show you one of the error codes. This means it is important that your printer recognize both of the installed cartridges electronically before you hop on printing jobs. Understanding the basic rules and information of the causes is necessary in order to resolve the error code. 

Knowing these causes will help you detect an emerging problem in your printer. So you can check if the cause is relatable to your printer or not, as there can be several reasons behind an error code. It also symbolizes the fact that it is not easy to fix any error code with a particular remedy. There is no proven theory, but it does include few basic troubleshooting methods. Let’s what they to eliminate the error code from your printer. 

Troubleshooting the error code 1682 in Canon printer:

Now that we have discussed what causes the error code 1682 to occur in your printer, you should jump on the solutions. In order to resolve the error code in your printer, you need to follow the steps below. You need to examine your printer from the inside and apply the solutions accordingly. And in case these given steps failed to help you, then your next call should be a tech expert or Canon technical support team. Here are the following solutions, which you need to understand carefully and apply on your computer. 

Step 1: Remove the Cartridges

  • As the first step, you need to identify which one of the cartridges is creating the problem. This means you need to check if the error message is displayed by the black cartridge or the colored one. You will receive the error message with “check ink error 1682” displayed on your printer. 
  • If it is not clear which one of the cartridges is making your printer corrupt while printing the documents, then remove both of the cartridges gently without damaging it halfway through.

Step 2: Clean the cartridge contacts 

  • On the front of the cartridges, you will be able to see a small strip carrying a series of gold contacts in the printer. You need to take it out and wipe down these contacts thoroughly with a non-fibrous tissue or piece of a paper towel. 
  • If you spot something that seems particularly unacceptable on the contacts. Then you can clean them with an alcohol-based cleaning mixture or something that can erase them. 

Step 3: Reinstall the cartridges

  • Once you have cleaned the cartridge contacts properly, you need to wipe down the cartridges as well. Clean the internal mechanical parts in case you have spotted any dirt particles or leaked ink on the counter. 
  • After the cleaning, reinstall the cartridges along with the cartridge contacts back into the printer carefully. And close the door of the printer after you have placed everything in its position perfectly. 

By now, your printer will be free of error code, and you can resume your printing jobs. If the error code seems to have stuck in your printer, then it must be due to contacts have been damaged or facing problems in functioning electronically. Here, the solution seems to the cartridge replacement. It would be best to buy Canon original cartridge, but you can use one with high-end qualities, which has the lowest chance of damaging your printer. 

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